I was passing by a tiny kiosk in Temerloh Tunas Manja last night when I caught a glimpse of a writing on one of the posters on the shelf. It was written: NEVER GET TOO BUSY MAKING A LIVING... the rest was hidden behind another posters.

I am not a fan of posters of any kind. To me, we don't really need pep talk to be pasted on our wall to boost enthusiasm whatsoever when our mind can do just that job. Anyway, curiosity got the better of me and involuntarily my legs headed to the shelf while my hand pulled the poster up.

Sounded cliche but somehow it struck deep in my heart.

There was quite an odd, funny feeling running through inside of me. Self pity, maybe?
Anyway, the remaining silent minutes towards my car were filled by sort of a reflection. I reflected back what I have gone through in these 10 years being a civil servant. Clearly I've been working my ass off (pardon me) and literally have little time for myself.

And today I MADE TIME to enjoy WASTING TIME to DO NOTHING. I lazed around on this lazy Sunday. Am I happy? Not quite. I had a lot of concerns running at the back of my head. My students' essays. Teaching materials for next week's lessons. And funny...(or pathetic?)... I had the images of my weak students kept running in my head. 

Do you think I need help?

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